Prints: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/biwald/kasai/ 
Quick exploration of a city I had stuck in my head. I used a picture of Jupiter moon Europa as the texture for the top of the planet – texture credit NASA / JPL. The Japanese characters: "Future" on the right, "fire" on the left.


Testing out a couple of different painting techniques with a random idea. For this painting I focused on stepping away from photo use and painted everything (excluding the building lights) from scratch. Painting without photos took way longer than I anticipated but in the end I learned a lot and felt like I was able to focus more on shape design and color.

AEON Level Concept

This is a concept piece I did for a school game project titled ÆON. "In short, ÆON is an action adventure game that features the constellation of Orion as a playable character."


The Monoliths of Casper

"I can't help but think the architects of these structures are still out there, watching us bleed the veins of Casper dry." 
-Log, UEA Ryokō, 7034 

Print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/biwald/the-monoliths-of-casper/